Snapchat wants to put brands on your face

Snapchat launched its new “lenses” feature just two weeks ago, and since then users have watched their friends puke rainbows and turn into wide-eyed emojis on a daily basis. Now we know there was a whole other reason behind the lenses feature: brands. For a not-so-small fee — up to $750,000 in certain situations, according to the Financial Times — Snapchat will design sponsored lenses for brands that will last just one day.

The lenses feature is active for any user that is taking a selfie. Tapping and holding on the reflected image of your face quickly maps an outline of it, and then you’re prompted to pick from eight different interactive filters which range from simple, Photo Booth-style effects to ones with animations and sound. One…

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People-rating app sparks firestorm

Peeple is an app for rating and commenting about those who one interacts with in daily life personally, professionally, or romantically, according to the websitePeeple has been likened by critics and supporters alike as a Yelp-style review service at which people are rated, without their consent, the same way a person might give a grade to a restaurant or an airline. Peeple is an app for rating and commenting about those who one interacts with in daily life personally, professionally, or romantically, according to the website. Founders and close friends Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough defended their creation on Thursday as an online venue for praise and constructive feedback.

Amazon launches managed Elasticsearch service

While Amazon Web Services made a name for itself by providing raw computing power and data storage at rock-bottom prices, the company has been moving toward providing services that do more of the heavy lifting for developers and administrators in exchange for a higher price.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a new product in that vein that’s designed to make it easier for developers to implement the popular Elasticsearch open-source search and analytics engine that lives in the AWS cloud. Users can set up an Elasticsearch service cluster using the AWS Management Console, command-line tools, or the Amazon Elasticsearch Service API. They can set up parameters like instance count and what sort of storage their search instance should use.

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How Elio Motors Is Crowdfunding A Three-Wheel, 84 MPG Vehicle

Screen-shot-2014-02-25-at-3.50.48-PM Recently I had the chance to test drive the latest prototype version of Elio, a three wheel, two-seater built by Elio Motors. The vehicle, which is about half the width of a regular car and looks straight out of Silicon Valley, aims to eventually retail for a base price of around $6,800. As background, Elio Motors was founded in 2008, and is in the midst of fundraising to start… Read More

Google Patents Holograms For Glass, Which Could Involve Magic Leap

Google Glass Magic Leap Today Google was granted a patent for using holograms in a head mounted display like Google Glass. It would effectively let Google create augmented reality experiences that superimpose computer-generated imagery (CGI) atop the real world. Filed in March 2014, the patent shows Google’s research into how it could merge its head mounted display technology with AR. But what’s perhaps… Read More